SR 11

Poems By

Jack Christian, Caroline Cabrera, Kevin Sampsell, Jeremiah Gould, Gale Marie Thompson, Kate Colby, Carleen Tibbetts, Russ Woods, Mathias Svalina, Keith Newton, Jamalieh Haley, Natalie Eilbert, Sueyeun Juliette Lee & Ian Davisson, Natalie Lyalin, Gregory Crosby, Jordan Stempleman, Christine Kanownik, Patrick Gaughan, Jon Ruseki, Annaliese Downey, Carina Finn, Becca Klaver, Jon-Michael Frank, Monica Wendel, Mark Cugini, Thea Brown, Jessica Bixel, and Jessica Poli

Reviews of

Rise In The Fall by Ana Bozicevic, My Enemies by Jane Gregory, Goat in the Snow by Emily Pettit, Forty-One Jane Doe’s by Carrie Olivia Adams, Liner Notes by Andrew Mister, and an excerpt from Pop Poetics: Reframing Joe Brainard by Andy Fitch