SR 12

Poems By

Meredith Blankinship, Shanna Compton, Bruce Covey, Alex Cuff, Leora Fridman, Mark Gurarie, Ally Harris, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Carrie Hunter, Lauren Hunter, Jen Hyde, Carrie Lorig, BJ Love, Maitri Mehta, Britt Melewski, Ben Mirov, Philip Muller, Camilo Roldán, Kate Schapira, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Nicole Steinberg, Eszter Takacs, Jessica B. Weisenfels, Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Reviews of

Collateral Light by Julia Cohen, Is Music by John Taggart, Lemonworld and Other Poems by Carina Finn, How to Survive a Hotel Fire by Angela Veronica Wong, Dear Jenny, We Are All Find Jenny Zhang, and My Dead by Amy Lawless