Issue 17

Poetry in Translation

Poems by Aase Berg, translated by Johannes Göransson; Alain Cressan, translated by Genève Chao; Hagiwara Kyojiro, translated by Sho Sugita; Ida Börjel, translated by Jennifer Hayashida; Helena Österlund, translated by Paul Cunningham; Sara Tuss Efrik, translated by Paul Cunnigham; Mehdi Akavan-Sales, Roya Zarrin, & Nima Yushij, translated by Kaveh Bassiri; Adalber Salas Hernández, translated by Guillermo Parra; Kim So-wŏl Yi Sang-hwa, & Chong Chi-yong, translated by Emily Jungmin Yoon; Bhai Nand Lal Ji, translated by Param Anand Singh; Andrei Rodionov, translated by Sabrina Jaszi; Phan Nhiên Hao, translated by Hai-Dang Phan; Melih Cevdet Anday, Oktay Rifat, & Orhan Veli, translated by Sidney Wade & Efe Murad; Mara Lee, translated by Elizabeth Clark Wessel; Virginia Lucas, translated by Jen Hofer

Reviews Of Joy of Missing Out by Ana Božičević Lowly by Alan Felsenthal; Lessons on Expulsion by Angelica Julia Davila; Radio Cacophony by Michelle Dove; What My Hair Says About You by Laura Theobald; Buck Studies by Douglas Kearney; IRL by Tommy Pico

Cover Art I Got Kinda Lost, by Andy Mister