The Red Elephant

Did you ever cut a hole in a cardboard box,
put it on your head and say something like, 
Good evening. This is Rob MacDonald 
reporting from South Korea where authorities 
are pleased to announce that the red elephant, 
after a mysterious absence, has reappeared 
at the summit of Jirisan, seemingly healthy 
and roughly ten times its previous size?
Me neither. Still, if I needed to, 
I know I could hold the box very steady 
and convey just the right combination 
of wonderment and professionalism.
We all have imaginary jobs in this life, 
and if you ask me, we should look one another 
straight in the eye, even when we aren’t sure
what it is we’re trying to say. 
When I have something important to say,
I practice in a mirror. Without raising my voice,
I make my words heavier and more gentle,
until it feels like I’m yelling at myself, except
it’s my old self looking back, 
and it’s like we’re both done dreaming.