A Special Upcoming Issue

Sink Review 15, a special issue, guest edited by Carrie Lorig and Nick Sturm, will publish letters and correspondence, between writers, between writers and artists, between writers and musicians, between people. We (Carrie and Nick) are inspired by the emails and drawings we send our loved beings. We are inspired by Bill Berkson and Bernadette Mayer’s What’s Your Idea of a Good Time?,  Spicer’s letters to Lorca, Correspondence by Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan, the letters Bhanu Kapil publishes on her blog, and the exchanges that live and are seen primarily in the archive. We are inspired by desire, friendship, playfulness, refusal, energy, doubt, and impossibility. This issue would like to bring these attempts to reach another to light in order to showcase different definitions of correspondence. What is a letter? What makes it? What happens here that doesn’t happen anywhere else? Sink 15 wants to publish a correspondence between one and another.


We will NOT accept any poems for Sink Review 15. We will publish either ONE individual letter written by a submitter or TWO letters in correspondence with each other. In either case, only one person should submit the letter(s). If you choose to send two letters in correspondence, think of it like a collaboration. Only one person submits the collaboration. Exchanges can be typed, they can be emails, they can be hand written, or they can be gchats. Additionally, the letter(s) can be written with Sink 15 in mind or the letter(s) can be previously written. Exchanges do not have to take place between poets or even writers, but between anybody. Individuals who are considering sending ONE letter, this letter may be written to anyone dead or alive. Submissions must include a transcription of the correspondence in a Word Document or a PDF. For artistic purposes, submitters may also choose to send a photo or facsimile of the original correspondence along with the transcription, but this is not required. We will begin accepting submissions on June 15.

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