from That Which Comes After

We banged each other’s others

Some parts I don’t like

To be touched in the

Moon cycle is my cycle

Normal I don’t count the days

Except cross off the calendar

It’s not a countdown but

A keeping tack of

When I bleed is probably

A schedule but I just wait

For the pain to kick in

Pull your fist into a fist

Pull my walls into my walls

Is there a perfect size to

Get to the meat 

Of the poem someone

Is walking a boxer

Not Mike Tyson there’s

A spot in Missouri 

I’ve been told I’d hate

There’s a town in Alabama

I’ve had some family die

What’s our history make up

Interior lives mean inside

My apartment it’s 10:13

I’m trying to write this book

Even though what comes

After you I’m not sure

A hangnail on my second toe

Imitate a rowboat for the song

To be sung correctly

You need some guts

Testify against me in 

Battle of who gets what

Days are or aren’t a construct

What am I trying at

My coffee is getting cold

Hang on

OK here

She did not die in the river

But it was wet 

Late May morning

We’re covered in sleep

Or I am you know

The moments where you’re aware

This is important this is something

I will never forget