A History of Your and My Best Friendship

I am having one of those days 
When it feels like I talked shit about everyone in school 
Over the loudspeaker

Now it’s everywhere
What I said
Like the voluntary surveys 

On race/history/ethnicity
That greet me 
Each time I log in

You are the source of all my nice things like
The e-mails 
In my “Nice Things” folder.

We are poets so 
You have long hair
And I have short hair 

Your writing is awful
My writing is awful
Our goal

Is to have Aquanet 
As our brand sponsor

Plot out the snacks
On our road trip book tour
Set aside essential records

In matching carrying cases
Promise to keep each other informed
Of new developments

In our wardrobe
A woman’s place 
Is in the front seat

Heels on the dashboard
Toes on the windshield
Another woman’s place

Is on the snow mound
Knocking down icicles
Another woman would prune

Dead leaves from her spider plant
I let them dry into crinkle
Wrap its living brothers

In their pathetic embrace
We should always remember 
to coordinate our outfits