Everything degrades to HTML with a Bad Connection 

Everything is a miracle
The fact that you talk to me
how the trains do not break apart
or the getting of checks
The ocean
its coming and going
I want a different miracle
another walking away
Can you listen
this needs to be a partnership
how I moved over 3000 miles
I wanted to believe in fairies
do you believe in fairies
That I could write when I wasn't drunk
but how I did anyways
You really have to do something repeatedly
white table cloth and condensation on the water glasses
what do I have to do
to not be anywhere
When the conversation turns sour
I am talking to H
and I'm in the bathroom
Why can't we be honest with one another
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
the nicest person is wearing an apron and white pressed button up
the nicest person is asking me what I'd like to put into my mouth
the day ends with a swim in the bay
Pieces of algae the color of blood clots

Everything degrades to HTML with a bad connection
a menu
a list of words
my existence makes you feel bad
we sit around a bunch of food and talk
It's all so LOL
we are on social media capturing moments of nothing
like they are something
This key lime pie is so so so
sie liebe sie liebst
I'm watching a film about lust and I'm trying to remember the last time I felt true lust
is it a youth thing
is it a timing thing
In my dream we are water skiing without boats and skis
It's just our legs and feet
The moment we look down
the water swarms with sharks
all this movement beneath a still still surface
I'm in a store full of beautiful things and I can't find anything to buy
help me find something to buy

LOL is my awkward period in a text
the silence heavy
holding itself up for a second
the knife on the table before it falls
my poverty a pale shade of gray
sun bleached and mottled
My youth
a series of expensed meals
I am watching my old nose walk out of the subway car
I am watching you draw on your eyebrows
as your friends share a drink out of a brown paper bag
I will miss our conversations after dinner
how we chat about the changing neighborhood
maybe next year you will be in Florida
your rent half of what it was here
I am looking at my friends
and some of them are ghosts
some of them are clean-clean glass
that you accidentally walk into
I want to walk backwards
into the old city
the one I never met
with the warm neighbors
and the cheap rent