This is not an Apology

At the very last minute the curtain is pulled back and the audience witnesses   the state killing  

Troy Davis has refused the sedative  and his last supper   he names  his innocence the mercy 
gods are to have   on the  souls of his   killers, for hire     for     Fury    is convoluted   on purpose     
Love   is  unusual nerve      his family is charged for the transport of his body from the prison to 
the coffin   and     he is still alive    and     what   else    feels   like  will and is actually  fantasy    
the too easy  overlap between saint and sociopath   and

Not another       no   other     puttering  revolver    in  papa’s   panted dream drawer  where he 
always falls into  a skin of  words,  is blind, murdered, healed     gall bladder   first   in the crying   
room    in the  humor at the bottom  of  a scream   we fear   we mean   it     that we will actually   
unleash our power on these ignorant     unsuspecting  …       Cause of death  listed   as    
Homicide,  a  blankly matronly  concept   pried  from resentment   by truth      you'll see the salt  
misbehaving   falling from your eyes   in chains