Why are there guns in our piano

Why    is   our   beauty   this hospitable   under the wood and under the animal       lets    you   in   
lets   you   go    black  beauty     why   do you    ache      for   proof   of yourself ad   acting 
brand new reads:

“Do your part to save these tortured monkeys”         reeds    reeds         several  drums    

 all casual, actually talking about monkeys in the jungle   who   fetch  coconuts     for the west 
 actually a victory   for parting     double take       take    three        you cannot   steal   a vibration   
 but     my man’s lazy  eye    is   wide   again ,  cry, Jimmy, cry    my father   has  balanced  tears   
 again     yes     it’s   about     him    again     always  crying   through   my soul    to   mend   the 
 trends  of being    and    then       the more   you feed   a sick person   the   more you will harm    
 him        so self  assured    so rational     so   alone       he is talking    to the   gun  under his most 
 piano    and   I watch   slow —   you can choose   the speed   at which  you observe your father 
 your  fall up     I   watch  backwards   and the  trigger   he releases   is   us           when we   were 
 still eating rocks   at the back of the school  bus   and gossiping   about   our Dostoyevsky  
 homework    like    where    does   the crime  begin to become its   own  punishment    and didn’t   
 any of    us  have    a rigged  brotherhood   in our shiftless hearts    that  we need   to make  good