dear intelligence journal,

    lovely dinner party, darling casualties and lean
sirloin damage of the collateral sort.
    extended my letter of offer and acceptance
to the desired internal audience, reaching
desired effect and desired perception…
    a lengthy and essential planning phase,
down to our party’s seating chart where I perfectly
placed persons elligible to receive effects…
    showed great constraintcivil affairs.
A real civil censorship. Even when he dropped that megaton
weapon on me, coyly I promised:
wait until you taste the coup de main!
    he stayed.  The manpower
 of our limbs over each other’s plates.
The patient movement…
    to think, nights ago I wished
disengagement.  Following tonight, to the tee,
I did as mother suggested, identification, friend or foe.
Turned out friend…
    …friendly beneath the lattice… a low visibility
operation, the drift of star gazer lily bouquet
mine, their airburst, the bouquet mine, brought
for me, those star gazers, the azimuth
of our mouths searching…
    it’s what my over-the-horizon
radar was telling me.  The interpretability of…
well, initial assessment, really… just marginal information,
I know.  I promise more later.  But, still
a truly really important point of no return…
    stepped out to assess this area
of influence, admire together the architecture,
desired appreciation of our
land that (fingers crossed!) we will
build together…