We Come in Peace, Leave in Pieces

choir sings acquiring requiring desiring things blasphemy fashioned in the power of a Bic lighter lightning enlightenment igniting sinfully righteous frightening flightless psychosis fighting climbing broken bridges unwashed dishes reused syringes boomerang binges informant snitches ungranted wishes door kicked off its hinges not seen not heard absurd witness listens milk carton missing “milf” is stripping school-ground skipping playground dissing church house tripping criminal Christian Catholic madness hoodlum Muslim upheaval Israel napalm Islam alarm the guards arm the youth untie the truth unite the troops coup de grace disgrace the proof government basis military bases religious racist goodness gracious God’s good graces crooked faces crackhead basers corrupt cops mistake glocks for tasers high-speed chases speed snorting nasals addiction fatal demon debatable faded halo far from able close to capable heated hungry broke and arguing targeting tourist in Tauruses get out the car no room for bargaining undercovers in Dodge chargers Ford four door Explorers exploiting exploring corners unwanted wanted and warranted florist and coroners mournful mourners muddled mornings yawns of yearning dawn of learning vacated journeys defecated forewarnings peace is boring chrome piece is glory a stolen vehicle keys swing and jingle a crinkled single paper dollar a dope fiends horror a dope boy’s honor clock the profit the sight excites the robber invites the gobbler of dreams a jack boy’s karma caught and cuffed the courtroom drama your honor I’m sorry same sob story what happen to shorty plead for please tears hit his sleeve knocking knees heartbeats stop the unseen creed the gavel drops with the sting of loss with the ring of loss to all those lost the falling cost of a human being . . . he was alien . . . to an earthling