Fall ‘20

Issue 19


  1. from Mahogany erica lewis
  2. from Mahogany erica lewis
  3. Speaking of Which 5 Uche Nduka
  4. Speaking of Which 6 Uche Nduka
  5. Speaking of Which 7 Uche Nduka
  6. When I Tell Our Story of Bees and Vinegar Cynthia Manick
  7. I Imagine a Camel and its Calf Cynthia Manick
  8. Bent But Not Like Fire Emily Pettit
  9. An Old Friend of Yours and Mine Emily Pettit
  10. Selections from Dayawati, Of Mercy Serena Chopra
  11. Awake Before Being Woken Ryo Yamaguchi
  12. Here at the End between the Body and the Thing Ryo Yamaguchi
  13. From the Ending the Sentence Appears Too Simple Ryo Yamaguchi
  14. Bunkers Stefania Gomez
  15. from Techniques for creating facial animation using a face mesh William Lessard
  16. Free Niina Pollari
  17. Poem for Pigeon Niina Pollari
  18. Love at the Drowned Valley Niina Pollari
  19. 1902 Garth Graeper
  20. Red Cedar Distances Jose-Luis Moctezuma
  21. The Color of My Face Chia-Lun Chang
  22. Indifferent Chia-Lun Chang
  23. Why can’t we simply love each other’s face Chia-Lun Chang
  24. Light on Ice Chia-Lun Chang
  25. Poem Kana Hozoji
  26. Ef James Davis
  27. En James Davis
  28. Da James Davis
  29. [Brooklyn, 10/31/18] Ted Dodson
  30. Comedy Miki Yuuri, translated by Jordan A. Y. Smith
  31. Variations on Home Megin Jiménez
  32. Lines Megin Jiménez
  33. from Wild News Michael Joseph Walsh
  34. from A Season Michael Joseph Walsh
  35. Alphabets Marcus Myers
  36. I Propose a New Kind of Dying Marcus Myers
  37. for Cole Elliott Rayo Daniel Suárez
  38. to hold raíces Daniel Suárez
  39. Chattanooga, Tennessee; December 1989 Daniel Suárez
  40. The Theory of the Poem of Anne Carson Mario Montalbetti, translated by Ian U. Lockaby & Sebastián Gómez Matus
  41. With Love and Love and Rage and Love, Stephanie Anderson
  42. With Love and Willfulness and Rage and Love, Stephanie Anderson
  43. With Love and Burrowing and Rage and Love, Stephanie Anderson
  44. To Iron Bear Amber Nelson
  45. from “Freely Espousing” Matthew Klane
  46. from “Hollow Spectacle/Common Rites” Tony Mancus
  47. from “Hollow Spectacle/Common Rites” Tony Mancus
  48. A Street Lamp Without / Darkness Within Yaddyra Peralta
  49. What comes after this, Yaddyra Peralta
  50. All the World a Line Segment Ryan Bollenbach
  51. recordkeeping Angelica Julia Davila
  52. the Y is pronounced E y the rest you’ll have to learn Angelica Julia Davila
  53. Song in the Key of a Calving Glacier Ryan Collins
  54. The Ghost of Futures Traded Ryan Collins
  55. Cop Shoot Cop Adam Tedesco
  56. Milk and Honey Adam Tedesco
  57. Starless, Gulfstream Blue Adam Tedesco
  58. Jock Jams, Volume 1 Nate Logan
  59. Metal Detecting in the Sideburn State Nate Logan
  60. Keybone Eyes Taylor Mignon & Jeffrey Johnson
  61. Transit to Eden Bridges John Francis Cross & Taylor Mignon

Special Folio: Exchange for Change

Through the prison-writing program Exchange for Change, the following poems were submitted to Sink Review this year by writers incarcerated in South Florida. Exchange for Change offers writing courses in prisons and runs letter exchanges between incarcerated students and writers studying on the outside.

  1. Deep Sleeper Jimmy Murdock
  2. My People Jimmy Murdock
  3. Free Squirrel Jimmy Murdock
  4. P.T.S.D. Jimmy Murdock
  5. Just a Reason Jimmy Murdock
  6. We Come in Peace, Leave in Pieces Eduardo “Echo” Martinez

Cover Art

Fountain of Youth

Shabazz Larkin is an American artist, painter, writer, illustrator, book-maker and product designer. He has worked as an art director for many creative advertising agencies, working with many of the world’s largest brands from Pepsi to Sean Combs, and helped Barack Obama launch the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, his first initiative after leaving the White House.

Larkin lives in Nashville, TN, where he has become a rising voice in the fine art world. He paints portraits of black people in stark black or red skin, a rebellion against Eurocentric notions of beauty, and is best known for his desire to capture the beauty of resilience in black culture. His technique of vandalizing photographs, overwhelming use of colour and bold typography veils his true intention to explore issues of race, justice and spirituality.

Larkin’s many projects and interests include the God Speaks Project, which documents accounts of normal people’s encounters with God, which he’s begun writing on oversized paper and placing them around Nashville, TN., He is also the founder of Larkin Art & Company, creating a line of creative products that bridge the mindfulness gap for Black, Indeginous and People of Color, like children's books with black protagonists, a family game that celebrates the intersection of African and American culture, and self-care tools that leverage black culture. His books have environmental themes and include Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table (2013) and The Thing About Bees (2019). Follow his Instagram page here.