Speaking of Which 7

skeletons banging on fretboards they’re throwing veggie burgers working to make
america nothing again they’re calling the hangings of those men suicides relics of
bigotry brutal history being sent to the bin colonial neocolonial pillage mob rule did
you see Rome fall low jumps of clouds gradations of geysers book burnings slave
traders racism is a social virus dreadful family trees moral cowards people who don’t
have one frigging clue what revolution means who venerates imperialist overlords
window dressings toothless proposals for policing platitudes stupidity useless internal
affairs investigations war profiteers a president fomenting division different levels of
lockdown revocation of emergencies abandonment of oaths taken wealth-stealing
oligarchs police taser contact-tracing hate crimes the pestilence of capitalism we’re
bowing down no more blue flu my ass lunch martinis worth noting that cops are still
shooting fleeing black people on the back skinflay stitches bruises scars metallic latitudes
misunderstood by those we thought understood us bayonets stuck in the letters of the
rain these chronicles are not triumphal troubles attached to table legs business cards
buccaneers all furloughs layoffs zephyrs screenshots vapid faces racial injustice issues
even this eclipse will not make me lose my footing