Speaking of Which 6

white supremacist militants kissing the pavement in New Mexico after shooting
someone right wing terrorists he brought a gun to a fist fight coronavirus infections
accomplice liability law dereliction of duty dissection of perdition infrastructure proposal
a fighter jet crash white woman calls cops on innocent black man this administration
blocking covid stimulus oversight exposure by leaked emails where do you draw the
line for a flag for losers collapsed lungs of those being policed teenagers being handcuffed
for jaywalking a likely explanation exists for why tragedy is growing to absurd proportions
presidential lying adds to the strain after a hurricane she was shot eight times killed yet
the Louisville Police Department reported she had no injuries pretty awful tremor a necessary
fuss maturity is not a burden market madness ask not what racists can do for you who is
suppressing the funerary context of american history how bold how daring is it to blow hot
and cold in every dismal season a nervous disposition destruction rejection or work in
progress a new world taking shape in their heads bingo card of white privilege a country
built on the dehumanization of people of color the balance sheet the criminality of national
debt they’ve turned patriotism into a bullet i’m not sneering i’m just bummed out in this
emergency a financial miscalculation made with bread soaked in milk the repulsion in
attraction the attraction in repulsion which sensations will make the words that fit them a
campaign is not above it all can’t shrug it off