Speaking of Which 5

body parts between furrows unfurnished morning parade they’re
dying right there in front of me it’s no longer a matter of hanging
out with the algae murderous machines are shamelessly growing
gunners loiter on the streets highways the sea barks at the avenue
birds suck shadows it’s not enough to set shopping malls on fire
threatening boycott is not an easy practice making singularities out
of interlocutors threshing silences the shriek of traffic stale bread of
democracy mouthing mutual distrust plastic bags full of shorn hair
warming up to hurl mud at the capitol there’s no way to dodge the
angling alder arches infrared sensors dislocated knees the falseĀ 
directions of puppets in power why won’t politics be so hard on us
the privilege of performing the best insurance what’s the life expectancy
for those in spaghetti westerns i get the feeling you’re becoming a cheap
date you have no idea what kind of flag can gag a group of people
schizoid men women on spiral stairs jesters assassins glamorous thieves
the false alarm of certainty they go where the balm pulls them somewhere
in the midst of cabinet makers tire slashers bones of wrist watches a letter
from a dazed dragonfly abandonmentĀ is historical the betrayals of coincidence
fun house pepper tree the bustle of sailors inside a ditch ancestral agonies a
semi-automatic rifle passageways of separate lives mines vaults knives the
choreography of damage fire drills firing squads this bridge we’ve gotten ourselves
into tubes ventilators pistols there’s no way around the riflemen they claim the
pendulum of sterile anniversaries gunshots heard around us nurses running around
with wolf masks the dialectics of a roof blown off keys jangle from a distance
needles of retribution a city ablaze