from Mahogany

to keep my self respect  for megan kaminski

fuck me like a rockstar
controlled burn
i am imagining 
the earth moving 
for us
occasional lovers
my mama made greens
in anticipation
of my youth
the ancient 
and reimagined woman
i’m looking forward
to showing you 
around the prairie
we can talk more
in the beautiful 
prairie light
battle rhyme 
hymn book
this is hard but true
a lot of what weighs
us down isn't ours
to carry
saltwater gloss
soft cheetah
feather spiral
it’s like all of a sudden 
people realized 
“she’s mad” 
like it was so 
hidden before
beyonce said
drink this lemonade
if we love
we will be replaced
smudge feathers
seed inside seem 
so slow to grow
we will walk
and see the buffalo
be a bad ass 
love beam
i’ll save you a spot
no problem at all