from Mahogany

the wonderful for gabe kruis

80s pop was so glamorous 
and heartbroken
i am collapsing slowly
trying to drink myself
to kingdom come 
some glamorous 
and heartbroken
get drunk
be famous
ocean death
the disconnect 
between success 
and true happiness
small moments
of messy open love
my loneliness
jesus will kill you
and won’t let you bleed out
into a mug 
of elegant backfires
today i climbed
the biggest mountain
i’ve ever seen
there are a lot
of really basic girls here
they kind of look like the 90s
but un-ironically
i refuse to spend 
the second half of my life 
in ruins
of this ride 
called american guilt
every caged bird want to fly
what up, bed-stuy
i’ve decided not
to let anyone
kill me again
when i die
i hope to god
i get to ride 
in the sky 
like johnny cash
in a big black cadillac 
what up, bed-stuy
all dreamy orange 
like children’s aspirin
wish we could just 
sit on the stoop
and smoke
and watch broad city
you know