With Love and Willfulness and Rage and Love,

we buy a mattresstrying to solve it in the body

Outside news time
Beautification bulldozes along

I get my period a bell in the brain

I say, In English it’s called
Postpartum depression

slow collisions  ofgrey

Yes, you answer, I’ve heard
The only thing that helps is your own mother

city spacehollowed-out

From the bus I see a man
Stripping meat from a spine

used to trust somesenses

You go face-first into tile
I haul you up onto the bed

slow secondssmear

Small mouth seeping red
Exquisite tedium

the heightof lotus season

I won’t read this article about the orca
And her dead baby

like addiction butless interesting

Stop it, you say, my situation
Is so much worse than yours

can’t helpwith connections

Smooth my face
Into a surface of balloon

won’t say refusedto break

From the car a coat 
Black fur in the road 

slowcollusions of grey 

Finally I can see my brain 
A half-awake need not to die
you wantto have a try 

I don’t want to live forever but 
I do want a new bed