Transit to Eden Bridges

Undercover immig dicks spy on public works digs, then bonus visa... But I'm suffering a jet-lug and my map's upside down As Jesus & Mary Chain are just loogin on this plain plane I pray to Saint Mungo and Saint Augustine of Hippo, Flaying like a mostly conceived portmanteau, Smuggling women's toes, skin of rhinos and quickly vicious refreshments, Snugglewotoes, skirhi & quivirefré & mo’ complicated mnemonic devices – I still don't know who, what or where I am – Lalaists’ made-up paroles more convincing than languages – Shem & Shaun, Cain & Abel, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, dialectic Da eye ‘n icicle, pee ‘n peel, bee in Beezlebub, why ‘n syzygy, Double blessing, Jack's Wish, Lovely Lady, Precious Time = roses' names. Suddenly, the language of moonlight butterflies beating their wings Then my dog feels nostalgic for the Garden of Eden.