Keybone Eyes

Exchanging mountains for islands, ah Matsushima, uh Matsuyama 

Pining for the beauty at sea 
A rate of change estranged 
In a mountainous range

These strange powers of magnetic fields lead to rhythm vistas

Drum beat draws one nearer the cliff’s edge 
Vertigo to behold and unfold 
Of a found story yet untold

Bee bop peepo beepo jive alive tummy flutter high llama buzzle bee 

Wail wall & blues scene 
Andes coca spill chock full 
Dogs in the hood jus’ gettin’ meaner

There are no parking meters on the other side where it’s all greener

Free lot next to St. Pete’s 
For all those blue saints 
Way down Naa’ Linz LA 

Inch by inch, meter by meter, the Cissy Strut of The Meters 

Skeleton keys 
Blind cats throw bones 
Clank up snake eyes 

Skellington teardrops explode mirroring it & cats in amphibian eyes 

Mirror mirror mise-en-abyme 
Deadend origins bring a tear 
drops into concentricity