Metal Detecting in the Sideburn State

“Nate,” Dan said, “Have you ever seen a picture of Alan Greenspan?” “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I saw him testifying in front of some subcommittee? Late ‘90s?” “No,” Dan said. “I’m not talking about recognizing him on the street. Have you ever seen a picture of the man?” Nate thought for half a second. Less than a half second. “No, I don’t believe I have,” he said. “It is something else,” Dan said. They had ditched the well-trodden shoreline and its various wrecked treasure cruises for the local moat. The crocodile with the knife in its head eyed them cautiously. The construction of the moat itself was a contentious issue when first proposed by the ex-ex-governor. Every other word out of his mouth was flotsam. The proposal grew in scope after some initial strikes and found its way on two state referendums in back-to-back national elections. When the people rejected it for a second time, they also rejected a second term for the governor. That explains why there’s only one moat in the tri-state area. Dan and Nate circled the moat at a snail’s pace and heard no beeps. The day’s disappearing act just happened. “It’s really something else,” Dan said.