Starless, Gulfstream Blue

Astro Blue, Bermuda, Frangipani
I place my head inside the engine block

I squeeze the juice box

Chemical energy makes force, motion
one thousand miles, amphetamine rock salt

New humans seizing up from lack of shame 
feed slow leopards bits of crushed skull meat

When they scream no one hears the dull needle 
thunder of animals beating their chests

Machines push debris into the city

I cut open wide my warm-butter thigh 
grind a polished sextant into the wound

As the sun explodes under the hood 
Fluid drips from the non-leather bucket

Fat tourists rent children from their parents

Every flower is a knife and anus 
Every flower here is blue

Tires squeal & smoke 
Behind the question of sirens

I am a blah blah blah

The world is made of nothing 
We whittle down from there