An Old Friend of Yours and Mine

Bernice Matisse was on the street looking in through windows at the people lit by their lamps. Bernice Matisse was telling a story involving an old friend of yours and mine. She was next to a plant. She was holding a cat. Bernice Matisse’s hand was resting on the table. She was wearing a beret. Her head was on a plate. Bernice Matisse was coming down the stairs. She was lying in a field. She was a figure in the landscape. She was sitting on a log. She was her sister. Bernice Matisse was wearing a striped blouse. Bernice Matisse was working on this farm. In her hand Bernice Matisse held a pistol. Bernice Matisse stood next to a pedestal. She took the moonlit path. She was another figure on the moonlit path.