Poem for Pigeon

Sometimes it’s missing A leg or an eye as it walks Like a stubborn wind-up toy Down the dirty sidewalk Cooing eating shitting Hiding its half-assed nest In a raggedy bodega awning Or building it around a row of bird control spikes Using the sharp metal to hold up sticks And cigarette butts and eventually eggs Then sitting there staring as if to say Fuck you, I live here Purple-gray as an exhale From a delivery truck at dawn Looking at the world With the red eyes Of the hungover The city’s own Relatably messy little buddy Hungry and down for whatever No matter how undignified Chicken bones dogfood vomit Opportunistic and ready Just to see another day Hurrying toward the food cart Nearly under my feet As I walk to my office With my anxious stomachache And my lunch packed in my bag And my eggs unspooling themselves Into nothingness day by day I see its feathers in the flower pot Droppings on the windowsill Footprints meandering like a signature across The fresh concrete in front of the Whole Foods As the sun rises for the millionth time Like piss in the bladder