“the letter N” – the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary

Nothing nobody never nil nary nah nowhere nope neither nor undo It stymies you unsee unlive unbe as you stumble unmade crashing through all its guessing drowning variables’ haunting uncanny childish refusals, noes nays nones games of chance mindless cloak, lid, lurk, hide & never find seek, sick nauseous infirmity from the metamorphosis instable of cloud, nebula monster quick shadows, gray auguries rain too lofty beyond meaning yet wishful, hint vital, silvered by capability, negative and then permeable sunlight as a forest’s frail arms, broken branches hospitable connection as metaphor. Maybe tongue language tomorrow, change direction you will recall gainsay envision its promise: no conclusions, only to rise up, ascend plunge fall down, and recursions, reiterations rise up again in song in mourning in neon in becoming any fine unknown