Free Squirrel

I have to watch my third eye, the imaginations tricky
Thoughts start to stick and… grow into concepts 
Crazy isn’t that far away in actual life steps 
It’s just a tap away from the breaks
Mashed the gas and make potatoes, 
Burn the ashes to take the place of.. 
Oh how time flies
I carjacked a unicycle and rode it like in my mind.
Then crashed curb in a corner…
Am I the only one mourning my burial?
Where all the hair triggers, marry the split second decisions,
And Memories drip like forgotten ambitions, blood stained fission 
Collide like overachievements, looking for reason to believe in 
I close my ears and daydreamed away seasons 
It’s darker than sunlight 
I brought my nightmares to stage fright 
and put a crosshair on the spot light that made the graveyard hula-hoop 
It’s all curtains to the curtains! 
Swing the sword like a curse then trapeze act the hearse, like a safety net were the dirt got wet   
Sweeping carpets like wood floors juggle time like its airborne
and Ride that broom like its marble     
The marching band in my hand, took a left on my life line.
and ran down the gauntlet 
Karma is a short ride to a looooong riddle
The devil plays Prada with a leeeaaad fiddle 
So let’s feed peanuts to a stampede of elephants
The squirrels are sleeping and tightropes still snapping necks