from A Season

When for company one has one's body. Its center filled up with the desire to see. The desire to see Everyone Gradually which is how I was made. A still flower, floating Laughing and crying the horizon of rest. And then after a while the self protests Hypoxia, notices you falling asleep. Then passes by way of the flood From knowing by nothing To experience, what was there, what I could In the unfairness of it drive into the nose. And this panic the world could sustain Bowed, broken comfort, the splash Of each misting wave. As accordingly when I was eyes, and sun, slamming (Whether I meant to or not). As accordingly when I re-emerged, Gasping on the surface by a nearly perfect hill. And in on went time, on down the days, In the bare and bleached crust of the earth The ominous cool of the dream. And that was it though I hardly trusted it Chewing attention while the wind slapped my hood. And the air all pollened, everywhere, At the limit of structure a carapace In the weather's infrequent promise. And then the oddly bloodless purple of each Available feeling tried on then tossed away. * There it is, we imagine it In whatever space between trinkets. Then disgusted again the nested infinities— One's body one's thoughts— Or the particular charm of the double Human a structure of wood. And I talked to it As though peering half-naked around a bathroom door (Which at the time seemed so important)— A musical thinking, a face To help remember, a face Sourced equally at the speed of thought. And out of the wind the sun, Then less of it, by brutal Hum the underpass reflecting all night In memory all my dreams. And I could feel the energy of that Permeating space, that something Sound I tried to command Into sense to make anything happen. Feeling actual, feeling wise, feeling At the mouth of unnatural experience The pleasure of relief (release). As if the sun were alive, the flower- Made world to be swallowed Into mind (Thinking body, thinking mind, Thinking body) defiant, In the end possessed by no Particular endearment Then new again In dark carved beginning Like a house swarmed with love and Promise (come in or out).