Night. Night sly in blinked 
coffee. Night. Sippy cup 
of night-path darkness 
culminates in song 
itching out over the house
tremendous. Tremendous 
withstanding. A crunched 
metal, mottled blue 
of bald paint, settling 
haunches. The truth. 
The truth of a dream. 
Mathematics, truth of 
a pattering sleepwalker,
a missed call. A hidden 
cancer. The good enough 
house, a might-lie 
mouth. The cicada’s shell, 
it’s heady croak door 
to a dad-planted garden. 
I shove up from that, 
I hoax. Adults, keep. 
Children if only 
the mind. And abhorrence 
of thank-you, of avoidance
and touch. Of telling 
the truth. The truth
in relation to reason.
Reason hung like a yard 
bee-cloud drift amber 
over some earlier sound 
preserved, precise 
in cloud. Awoke each 
morning’s earthliest
sound that shakes us 
bald from mother’s 
thigh, dark culminates
in catalogue sound, 
a cat’s pink tongue 
then sand. A black expanse 
by the hand of Mars. To a blacker 
ocean mirage. The crick 
I forded. The crick on foot, 
call not received. The hand 
I moved from your knee. 
The basil smell of your 
hair. Patch technology 
to the sun, let Kara Thrace 
vanish. Let bird light 
on the roof, cream-
chested bird, sandpaper 
roof. Like a tunnel 
curtain, a cigarette 
descent from accident. 
Night’s halftone tries 
not to do much then 
disappears, moves 
a hand from the knee
I call sound honesty, bright 
copper bikes on gravel
little threads in driftwood 
hard to trace. Hollow 
and long, a braced wild. 
A disappearance. 
A cover-up covered 
patio. I’d win and win 
again. I’d make up rules 
to win. A bee, a boy 
at my window, a book. Limping 
road, a vanished blinking 
black expanse in cream.
My mottled shirt mother-
water. My night self’s 
mind full, a time lack, 
lacustrine. No cross-outs
my huggable jigsaw,
my warning marquee, 
my final transaction 
is moved by the hand 
of an elder, I lap her,
I believe what’s true:
about a cloud of bees
by the light of watchers 
with cameras behind 
shut windows, they follow 
their queen and nobody 
steps into the wrong cloud.