Experiments with Voice Encoder

There is a person speaking through the air
and the air is incapable of holding anything
or the air holds multiple dimensions
as in an acid trip, as in nightwalk.

All the people stayed home today despite the beautiful weather

and I watched from the front door as the mailman
walked by, his letter bag encased in a metal rolling device
for convenience, because some part of the system loves him
and respects his knees and his shoulders.

After work I stop playing, I just go straight to work again

on my art my pretty pictures my sound recordings
and leaf rubbings. I put all of the homemade instruments
on display and will tour them soon enough. Soon enough.

I pay my dues to my union and do math. They make three million dollars

per month and I wonder where everything went wrong.
At work, a man does something mediocre and we throw a parade.
We release our discordant voices into static and electrified air.
We empty the bedpans of our future selves. We are widows.

I pulled on some leggings today as a means of survival

and traveled to the back porch or the patio or lanai. The plants
are still dead like planets of another dimension. 
If a woman kills plants, it symbolizes abortion.

Anything a woman does is shit compared to man.

I said that through the Vocoder and now I feel much better.
The vibrations are messing with somebody’s Pacemaker.
The vibrations are messing with somebody’s head
and the resulting rash itches as much as it burns.

If I swallow my money in the morning and you lift up my arms

at night,  silver dollars will spill from my mouth
and the cocktail waitress will bring us free drinks, 
red ones like I got in Reno. I saw wild horses on a hill.
They ran onto the road and over my car and onto
a rainbow and then the sky opened. They ran in.

I filled the story into a form where it said last name

and my credit report came back perfect. Top ten
in the country of fish fries and angel tattoos.
An angel tattoo is often a symbol for abortion.
So next time you see one on someone
you’ll know what to ask.