Love Cycles

I never thought I would feel this way love.
I'm afraid of the dark love.
Leave your light on love.
Tell me a story love.
Once upon a time love.
Happily ever after love.
I can't stop thinking about you love.
Say my name love.
Where have you been all my life love.
Where are you now love.
You shouldn't have to ask love.
Talk dirty to me love. Touch me love, 
kiss me love, run your fingers
through my hair, fuck me, in the back seat
of your car, in the middle of the day, in a field
of wild flowers, you can do anything to me,
I'm begging you, I deserve it, make me pay, I've been
bad, it can be beautiful, tell me I'm beautiful, 
it's beautiful love.
We can try again later love. It happens love.
Just hold me love.
Go to sleep love. Dream love.
You can be you again and I can be the one
you always thought I could be and someone else
will be watching this scene.  It's right before
the end of the world.  I know it's dumb but
it's my dream and there's nothing you can do about it.
I bump into you, spilling coffee down your pants. You
say it's your fault for not seeing me sooner. Meanwhile,
the person watching is yelling to run, hide. But, you've
just told a joke and I can't stop laughing. I pretend
to accidentally touch your hand. Then, the flash, smoke,
and ash. Fade out. Cue the credits. Someone else will be
sitting on the sofa saying what was the point, that they 
want their money back. 
Wake up love. 
Take a shower love. 
Make a list of all the things you need to do love. 
Pay bills, buy food, wash clothes, return calls, 
don't return calls, rinse, repeat.
Haven't you been listening love.
I hate you love.
Leave love. Stay love.
Fuck you love.
Did you mean that love.
Yes love. No love. I don't know anymore love.
I need some time to think, I need some space,
I need to see other people love.
Let's never fight again love.
It hurts when you touch me there, it hurts 
when you don't love.
It's all in my head love.
I should have said something sooner love.
Maybe a year love.
Maybe less love.
We can beat it love.
I'm afraid of the dark love.
Will I ever see you again love.
Yes love. No love.
You shouldn't have to ask love.
I never want to see you again love.
You never say you love me anymore love.
Where are you calling from love.
Wake up love.
I'm talking to you love.
Say my name love.
I never thought I would feel this way love.