O N   S H A R I N G

boy and daddy:

Leora Fridman's correspondance
ahh what is happening this month holy fucking shit all our angels are out trying soooo hard to make us stop crying. Actually I've only cried very small cries these past few days. You?
i cry everyday I def need a thousand dates no one fucks me I'm second in line for dates with z and of no interest to e... might just go move in with these daddy boy people Omg I am so sorry I can't say that stuff to u Disregard Anyway these people look excellent
Oh darlin I know for sure that you're not second in line Z wd spend the majority of her time with you if it was allowed. And the only reason you shdnt say that shit is because I feel like I'm invalidating your experience by saying information that I have. You do need a thousand fucks though. It's the only thing.
frown face emoji. It is def my experience but I do want to stop saying that shit. Yes fucks. Goodnews is I found sex worker therapists.
Do you still wanna ask questions? Ugh I want to bottom with this trans boy and die. Safe and violenttttttt.
which one, T, bubs? oh the okcupids. yes. same. lol we shd co interview.
yeah I already die with T, he is a switch but that's okay. I just can't slap him which maybe he will hate.
OMG I have a new fantasy to slap tho out of rage.
Wait but yes I do have questions. Mostly I need you to help me set up a profile? Can you like show me how you get dates? But also condoms? Always? Mostly? And I can't have anal sex anxious face emoji times 2 and I'm worried about how to say that in a hot way to someone who is paying me.
Like repeatedly slap in the face while they are like stoic face emoji u are an ant I feel nothing. OMG you never have to have anal.
Jesus I really want to share T. I think I tiny bit like him? but I LOVE sharing esp wih you so that's no problem. Hahahahaha an ant. Okay wonderful!
Let's see...Yes I will help. Condoms whenever I can.
Rachel I love you so much I want us to fling butches at each other for life
I sometimes blow without on clients I've known forever. I love you too let's round them up like the assateague horses on pony penning day force them to swim back and forth between our islands.
check. hahahahaha.
it's 100 percent hit or miss on people I think like I have one dude who pays me 800 to jump up and down in fishnet bodysuit but I had a guy bed me to have anal for 120 last week beg*
Gotta weed through them
Jesus. But you don't say like dude anal is x amount of dollar sign dont be ridiculous
the hardest part is talking to them
blah I'm scared I'm not smart enough and hate men too much. Yeah totally.
I say...."I don't think we're a good match I hope you find your perfect girl smiley face emoji xoxoxo" lol you are a genius and hating them helps I never engage them in a fight I never complain I just cut them the fuck off
Ugh I want to vomit you are the smartest and coolest
I learned that overtime
Right. Check.
It literally never pays to fight them and I am only ever talking to them to get paid. Things I've learned for me personally are huge red flags: "I don't want to be treated like an ATM" and "I'm not into escorts" If they are complaining about money exchange in any way shape or form they don't have that much. Rich white men don't care about spending money. That's our mark.
Okay. I think those were my only questions? I feel like I shd have more like when you nanny and a mom is like do you have any questions and you're like no and she's like okay well I will TELL YOU a few things about BEDTIME AND TIMMYS MEDICINE Yayyyyyyyy okay i love our mark. OMG too bad you can't just jump for the 800 2/week
Lolololol what happens at bedtime you charge timmys iphone and give him a Xanax pedicure Yeah that would be good. I don't mind it with regulars who I trust though
Hahahahaha omg I just woke up the puppy laughing so loud
it's like not pleasant but not unpleasant Just routine in a nice way. Lololol
That sounds nice actually. Oh wait yeah one of my questions is about cops? Does that happen? And another is about rape and you don't have to answer the second one if it sucks too much. Just like how you have learned to avoid the fuck out of both.
I've been raped. That's real That's why sex workers desperately need legitimization I don't care if people think I have low morals I just want to be less easy to rape Anyway I don't think it's likely though at this juncture and with site and this kind of thing Ur not as vulnerable as I was then Cops...Idk
I want to kill someone right now. I'm sorry babe rape sucks soooooooo much.
You're a sugar baby not a hooker, never stop saying that to them. Let's kill everyone!! Never text about money.
Yeah I have a marked shit head in a beach town in Mexico but I'd like to kill your guys first.
Put it off say "I love how generous you are let's talk in person smiley wink emoji smiley side tongue emoji" or something
Okay great so money exchanges are only for the site?
We can be a far more violent Thelma and Louise
Got it.
In person. Only in person.
Seriously I'm all about slow torture. Okay got it.
There is an enormous racial element to sex work White women make more money than women of color, don't be surprised if someone says extremely racist shit to you They say it to me all the time.
Like it's hard to find classy white girls blah blah blah
People say racist shit at my job everydayyyyyyyy
Hahaha and you're like all white girls are fucking classy that's what whiteness is. The other day on fb I wanted to post ALL WHITE IS TRASH.
but fb is like my intense zone it's so silly.