Sink Twelve

Ben Mirov
from Darklings
Carrie Lorig
I. The Pulp Vs. The Throne
Mark Gurarie
from Sentimental Animals
Meredith Blankinship
Jen Hyde
from Hua Shi Hua 华诗画
from Hua Shi Hua 华诗画
Alex Cuff
The Family: a natural wonder
Bruce Covey
Sonnet After Ted Berrigan: I
Sonnet After Ted Berrigan: IV
Sonnet After Ted Berrigan: III
Shanna Compton
Twenty Motels
Leora Fridman
A Hike for Wendy
Lauren Hunter
I’d Rather Spill My Guts Than Tell My Secrets
Human Achievements
Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Sooty Fox Sparrows
Nicole Steinberg
My Self-Summary
In Flavor Country
Camilo Roldán
Anne Cecelia Holmes
If You Ask I Will Tell You
BJ Love
from a Man Called BJ Love
from a Man Called BJ Love
Elizabeth Clark Wessel
Mistake: An Autobiography
Jessica B. Weisenfels
What it Is to Live in Bodies
How It Is When We Do Not Know
Carrie Hunter
Islanding of the Female
Maitri Mehta
Eszter Takacs
from The Miraculous Hysterical
Britt Melewski
Endless Digging
Kate Schapira
Amulet for going forth by day
Ally Harris
Philip Muller
Notes from Adulthood
Jackie Clark
review of Julia Cohen’s Collateral Light
Nathan Austin
review of John Taggart’s Is Music
Carleen Tibbetts
review of Carina Finn’s Lemonworld and Other Poems
Stephanie Burns
review of Angela Veronica Wong’s How to Survive a Hotel Fire
Roberto Montes
review of Jenny Zhang’s Dear Jenny, We Are All Find
Laura Eve Engel
Amy Lawless’s My Dead
Cover Art
In a Static Canyon
Eric Amlingis an entrepreneur from New York City. His work is constructed in the studio, White Jazz.