Sink Eleven

Jack Christian
Wrote a poem, dude
Caroline Cabrera
Seven of Clubs
King of Spades
Ten of Diamonds
Kevin Sampsell
Quietly Awesome
Jeremiah Gould
Gale Marie Thompson
Something Like A Stevie Nicks Documentary
Points of Contact
Kate Colby
from Unfinished Bird
Carleen Tibbetts
it’s in her botany
Russ Woods
Ten Birds Were On The Ledge Outside My Window (It Was Morning)
Mathias Svalina
from The Depression
Keith Newton
Period Piece
Linear A
Linear B
Jamalieh Haley
from Strange Tarot
Natalie Eilbert
[letter excavated from the willendorf tomb]
[letter excavated from the willendorf tomb]
Sueyeun Juliette Lee & Ian Davisson
from This is the End of Love
Natalie Lyalin
I am Trying To Love You Into Wilderness
That Milk
Gregory Crosby
His Last Collapse (The Turin Horse vs. The Grammys)
Jordan Stempleman
The Monday After the Grammys
I Fell for It
Bad Wii Break-Up
Christine Neacole Kanownik
from All the Borders of Itself
Patrick Gaughan
I listen to ‘At Night the States’
Les Mis
Jon Ruseski
from A Room Full of Leaves
Annaliese Downey
from The Models
Carina Finn
SCIENCECORE: A Monologue in Drafts
Becca Klaver
from Decade Zero
Answer to Hanna [“Where is beauty most visible?”]
Jon-Michael Frank
from Dear Anna,
Monica Wendel
[Flock of Birds]
Mark Cugini
Thea Brown
Will Fall
Jessica Bixel
A Theory of Windows
Broken Eclogue
Jessica Poli
Emily Brandt
review of Ana Bozicevic’sn Rise In The Fall
Amish Trivedi
review of Jane Gregory’s My Enemies
Lucy Biederman
review of Emily Pettit’s Goat in the Snow
Tony Mancus
review of Carrie Olivia Adams’s Forty-One Jane Doe’s
Andy Fitch
excerpt from Pop Poetics: Reframing Joe Brainard
Dan Magers
republished review of Andy Mister’s Liner Notes
Cover Art
Caitlin Wheeler is a visual artist and printmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in Printmaking from University of Delaware in 2007. She currently teaches creative workshops at Brooklyn Central and is an occasional guest lecturer with the New York Arts Program.