I Dreamed I Smashed American Imperialism In My Maidenform Bra

Palmetto bugs fly into the sun
Shifting over your house         Dream

Of a botanical monograph    
Rain soaks through         Broke-down

Traditions         The shape your flag makes is
A hinge of radiance         Emotion recollected in

9 cocktails in a Hammett novel
I bite the side of my wrist

I unravel at the shoulder      
Forget firing the gun         Undergrowth

Means annotation         False fire
Seeds the clouds         Lay your head 

On the stove to watch the moon       
Plane Fly At Night         This technology

Is basically parasitic         Wrists
Eyelids         Beneath the tongue

Clouds faster than planes over the flooded lawn      
Encyclopedia of misprisions

I get stoned and write your name