Unable To Distinguish Honeysuckle From Jasmine

An ocean going insane         In the rearview 
Made a decision in another dimension

If it looks like desire but is not desire
Agnostic simulation         Pure mathematics of sweat

& dead leaves         Insufficient cold seconds skitter
Do fascination & fascism share a root

Twangy little mouthful of meat         Lacks
Affect         The book will wear through 

On the other side of the goldenrod         Singing hymns

What was done in hotels & fields
Ready to take you over         This year’s captains

Not dreaming or not remembering a dream
All the neighborhood dogs answer

When I looked back the light was gone         Over
The cup of waves         At airplane speed       

Burning tires along the failing coast 
Pulp festers         Wanted weighing down again 

Grim way out of the body broken heel
In the rearview fireworks         Patient as glass

On all the things I had to do         Taxonomies of rain
Debind a bird call from the morning

I knew it was untrue         Brightness in the kitchen
Tiny fist moon ruptures an unsearched corner