Promise rings

broken planetary rocks form in gravitational fields. Skeletal curvature cuddling muscle.

Cookie sandwiches with frosting that holds the cookies together. People!

I believe in you. You atoms. You molecules. You dandruff flakes. You don’t need to pinch your mirror fat. USA every part of you is recycled and infinite. Water reclaimed to and from the earth so many times it’s us.

Cosmic dust from stars so big and oft-exploded we shouldn’t even bother going to work today.

O kiss me I am white gimmie stars against the national lines of labor assemblages and factories. National flag stars: It’s the being born dead for flesh

a lack challenge. I am human I love a challenge and
I love you. Brothers sisters lovers the same goes for you ad infinitum: There are bodies greater than your own.

The sun! Alpha Centauri B! Gliese 229A! Alpha Centauri A! Sirius A! Altair! Vega! Arcturus! Aldebaran! Gacrux! Antares! R 66! S Doradus! KY Cygni! Mu Cephei! IX Carinae! DL Crucis! V382 Carinae! WHO G64! VY Canis Majoris! R136a1! HDE226868! VV Cephei B! You