TBH it’s ridic
ulous when people say they don’t know what god wants from them
all heaven-hands and wayward knee descend sobbing or throwing shit around their apartment.
You do know what god wants from you. You do know
what god wants from you. 
Are you prepared to give it?
Still the comets pass this world in the night. It’s always night in outer space.
Snuggle closer: the cover of clouds in toilet swirls and cut lines on mirrors
closer: the low-fi aura of the Best Buy™ yellow sign always on. The blue aching promise
of the Culver’s™ logo always on. The off-road reminder of the red Target™ target always on.
The only illumination. The hope of illumination. 
The glory of illumination. The last of illumination. The preservation of illumination. 
The memory of illumination. The myth
of illumination. The illumination of
the illumi
nation of the
illumination of the illumin