the snow the twigs the wet pavement
the bare branches the cold floors the cat
the fur covered blanket the rice on the stove the cars
the letters the roof the collard greens
the white walls the heater chugging the books stacked
the unanswered call the unopened email the water boiling
the wool sweater the hole in the fence the man
the bicycles the nests the blue house
the silk blouse the drones the mittens
the snow on the lawn the snowman the downed children
the mortgage payment the pick-up truck the hole in the sock
the snow the rent check the kettle whistling
the barricades the squirrels in the yard the fields burning
the power line the empty parking lot the cotton panties
the landless farmers the oil platforms the Kansas river
the box of wine the bread line the golden retriever
the ocean the pipeline the tall grass