It’s too painful to watch

Those people eat pizza

We are loyal

To what lets us hide

Coming out of the forest

I came a little 

That long road

Is life

Maybe you don’t feel

Very powerful in it

So you terrorize someone weaker

Even trying to peel this

Lemon, oh god

Your hands

Little people stuck

To their life edges

Don’t forget that happy

Folks are the ones

Doing the suffering

Eating peaches

And cheese on a hill

After the ceremony

She’s lovely the psychiatrist said

When you hate yourself you hate

Love, its endless bath

A team of robots walking

Gently into the night

I’m glad I get to die

Before the world does

Aphorism leaves the body

As sin

I puke glitter

You’ll find yourself

Combing the sheets for my golden

Hair, I don’t leave

Easily but there’s room

For everyone 

To be angry

Burned circle

Burned circle around that