from Ma

darkness inside a thin lightly yellow sphere dim movement, shadow flutter shadow darkness; the earth’smurmur worldentwining, twisting celldoms torpid muddy light if the gray and the black count as light at the center of my eye the light, and in the light movement away from the light orphanages were, the children and hunger dictates that green does not follow red that if not transit terminal storage to just do your job was and orders, the reading of orders was following orders soil was, movements, corporeal raise their hand to their hands were, the grip to eat of the children’s food was, with your back free you them mine against my own mother will come through the blind spot night after night and the bourgeoise, bourgeois prove and blaze boltsBulgaria one, an an eternity in the cargo space towards Dover with a plastic bag over the head for breathing for the carbon dioxide detector’s sake the head beneath the water with a mother’s hand pressing down the child’s head beneath the surface was the beams of light searching across the water, the dogs’ barking trade, cigarette currencyCalais birds, arrivals, prisoners were electroshock therapy, the sign Aung San was under house arrest in the name of the Burma that was and the Burma that was not refugee barracks were the functionaries; space of semblance earth quakes; camps; daily a life water rations; face the possible grafted onto the impossible; outward surfaces, in the image of sunset facades across Bucharest’s widest avenue underlings freeze mid-movement inward through the innards of the shell front; inside the liquid red were also: oligarchs, oligarchs’ nothing; to lay a hand on the undocumented african maids who were, who disappeared inDubai there faces, police registries; falling accidents buried was; excuses buried in the ground to the chest and the size of the hand-picked stones; she was and the children who threw stones as if to block the circulation towards the fire truck, the ambulance sirens, the sirens circles of blue lightrecollection light of recollection; and the afterlight