Postcard-a-Day Exchange, February 2012

postcard a day

Hadara Bar-Nadav to Michael Robins


Dear Michael— 

We lease our daily words 
for 32¢ a day. A slip 
of paper passes between 
hands, a handshake, serif, cliff-
face of Cinque Terre or 
Multnomah Falls. Where is 
the Golden State? Have you 
visited all the exotic vistas 
on your postcards? I’ve 
stepped inside each one. 

Michael Robins to Hadara Bar-Nadav 

February 29, 2012 

Dear Hadara, 

That you I imagine 
chasing the mailman, 
also rescues felines. 

Beneath the secret 
sized in one glove, 
teacups in a sink— 

It’s not a mailman 
after all, just papers 
over artery & flesh. 

Horses— I imagine 
you ride too, days 
improved right here.