trying to resolve this 


We make a list of first impressions

a giant hand reaches 

from the center of the bed

& the teenage boy spurts upward

on FB Laura sez

my womb is delightfully 

empty midway thru possession

Isabelle Adjani collapses screaming

in a subway passage

rising from a pool of blood & milk

to rose-colored cords the absent chorus 

of troublesome houses 

a key wrapped in a note is found 

in the mailbox

the text-command 

choose your own adventure opens 

a door to the final room 

in the center of the earth 

opening an untitled folder 

the sleep mode gives way to

thumbnails of tiny dick pics 

a melting grid of evidence 

for our righteous fantasy 

of dismemberment as the final stroke
obscured by fragrant smoke 

pools without source

laughter or the whip

the leather album snaps shut

then flies around the room