Baggy Monsters

For Lauren Levin

I will never be able to write it down 

Named as it is with gravity

More law than magic 

Feeling breeze ruffle the feathers

Of the undecided

Without an arc

Our skin falls where it wants

Tentacles slither from the sky

To our smart phone which holds

A glamor 

A crystal shield

Whose facets channel mutation

The bulk of what hides beneath

Though I still love the change

The game of mucus the milk

Holographic eye black more life

In a tube of self preservation 

Majick set to vibrate in the future

Now undivided we can lean back into

Our squirming cells

Stained by a rainbow sun that is not

Something new not written down

As brief lines 

Wriggle out of this leather skirt

Into abstraction then back inside

The last text a lavender heart