Where Have All the Vowels Gone?

I just drink beer and watch music videos
and all the children are so serious  now
such straight mouths
At the covered bridge there's some history
we all suppose
couches line the sidewalks some kind
of parade happening only some of us
can see
At the mall
At the corners of the parking lots
where chain link fence meets
chain link fence
Playing basketball just a few
loping boys all shins like
everyone else just weaving
and bobbing can't dissect
my electronics so I keep relenting
Describe my dreams of dolphins
to every passing stranger
one day made comprehensible
a moment that the TV static becomes
a telescope to the future
where all kinds of leaves spring up straight
from the ground A sort of alchemy
that knocks on the door
asks for a glass of water
and steals your shoes
Walking around like clip art
in a Word doc that keeps scrolling
I  / heart /
When the sparrow swarms finally come
That a piece of scotch tape
holds this house together
In the music videos it's all
mood lighting and feathery tips of hair
like light bulb filament
blinkering about the past
That ocean covering everything
One day I'll be gone and that's exciting
It's push pins pressed into lava lamps
meaning: impossible but not impossible
A physics that prefigures lust
What calamity holds my hand
in the pitch black silence
All mercy All mercy
And when we become friends
we bind our weaknesses together
and make a fire
It's noontime chaos at the Lockjaw Hotel
and the fountains are running red
and the barstools
are tea cups filled with pearls
and when I see you across the great
glittering expanse of an empty ballroom
I move toward you slowly
the only way I know how.