from The Self Unstable

In my sex tape the vocalist does an anagram-esque sequence like overheard speech in a foreign language. This takes place off-camera, but you can tell by the players’ reactions the soundtrack’s intrinsic. It’s so cerebral it’s not sexy, but for the paradox, the inherently sexy ex. All games are dangerous. Schadenfreude complicates utilitarianism.

Hobbies, for adults, are advanced forms of indirect consumerism. Kids have no money, so they play games like “House” and “School” evoking settings they will later resent. Awareness is the great human problem; most endings are ruined by knowing they are. It’s not clear what role processing speed has in subjective experience. A game of chess may be played at long distance and extended over a lifetime. The total amount of fun is constant, but is it ever at any point perceptible?

Hangovers worsen as we age, but our tolerance does not decrease accordingly. File this under design concerns, system-level. The definition of “binge drinking” is disturbingly lax. Most adults can’t have fun without alcohol, but it’s easy enough to redefine fun. If not the malleability of language, the source of the argument can often be traced back to dissatisfying sex.